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Around the House with Eric G

Nov 28, 2018

It is that time of year! What should you have in your car when you are traveling around? We talk about that bag you should have in the back so you are ready for anything! PLUS we have technology in your home coming up for Saturday! Check it out!

Nov 24, 2018

In hour two Eric reminds us of some basic safety to remember when decorating your home for the holidays. He also introduces the latest app technologies that can help aid in keeping you and your family members safe this holiday season. Did you miss Hour 1? "Cut The Cord"...

Nov 24, 2018

In hour one of this weeks show Eric thanks Pyramid Heating and Cooling for their on the spot help the night before Thanksgiving at his own house. Cutting the cord, Eric talks in depth about advancements in battery powered tool technology over the hlast 18 months. You might be surprised that the battery powered tools...

Nov 21, 2018

On this weeks mid-week special we tackle the question of the day? When you wet brine a turkey does it make a difference? We will also talk about what is coming up Saturday on Around the House! Did someone say power tools? Check it out here!

Nov 17, 2018

Is your house sinking? Eric discusses why your house or some part of it may be sinking and what to about it with Jake McCutcheon of The Wall foundations. Catch hour two of today's show here: Are you doing a renovation or project and can’t or...